How I Style My Vintage

Ever since I was able to access my mum’s wardrobe on my own, I knew that I wanted to work with clothing in some capacity. The mental images of the 80’s and 90’s fashion that hung in my mum’s wardrobes would stay with me forever and influence the way I dressed and designed for years to come.

Growing up, I was always drawn to vintage clothing. Whether it was the influence of my mother’s wardrobe or the fact that these clothes had a story to tell, I started to see clothing as collectables. Whenever I would travel to a new city I would search for vintage and second hand shops that I could visit. I would carefully search through the racks for the best finds and I couldn’t wait to get home and add them to my collection.

Many people have asked me over the years how I wear vintage pieces without them looking dated. The key is to mix them up with modern styles and not to be afraid of experimenting with accessories. But the styling of each piece depends on the specific garment. So this week, with the weather finally getting slightly cooler here in Dubai, I pulled out one of my favourite blazers from the garment bag hanging to the very edge of my wardrobe. This specific blazer is cashmere and belonged to my mother in the 80’s/ It was made in the U.K and she purchased it from Marks & Spencer. So British.

I had a look in my mind for a few weeks as I fantasised about the weather becoming cooler and being able to start wearing jackets again without breaking a sweat in 10 seconds flat (is it ever really jacket weather in the desert?!). Sometimes the looks we think of in our minds don’t always translate well in reality but this one did! I wore this fabulous cashmere blazer on top of a dress from one of my past collections. Specifically my Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Nothing like some gold stilettos for a little glam!

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