All Her Stories

Hi! My name’s Melina and I’m the person behind All Her Stories – a place where I talk about mum stuff, sustainability, specifically in the fashion industry, as well as lifestyle related topics. 

I originally started my first blog back in 2016 after my first son was born. I was secretly dealing with postpartum depression and my blog was my way of journaling my emotions. I felt completely alone and detached from the world of motherhood and it seemed to me that everyone else had it figured out except for me. Social media can be a wonderful world but also one which can leave you feeling inadequate and that’s exactly how I felt. This was the fuel behind All Her Stories, making me want to create a space for mums to feel like they’re not alone.

I have since adapted my online platform to reflect the various aspects of my life that I’m most passionate about. 

I hope you all enjoy!

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