Becoming a Mother – An Identity Crisis

Throughout my pregnancy, I always assumed that having a baby would just be an addition to my life as I had always known it. I imagined that I would still do everything I already did, dressed the way I used to and lived my life the exact same way I always had, only with aContinue reading “Becoming a Mother – An Identity Crisis”

My Resilient Max

I’ve often said that Max, my first born son, is my greatest teacher. When I was catapulted into the world of motherhood I was like a deer in headlights, a headless chicken and all the other analogies. The reason I refer to Max as my greatest teacher is simple; I learnt the most about myselfContinue reading “My Resilient Max”

Creamy Cauliflower Masala

When I worked a full-time office job, I had very little time when I got home in the early evening to cook complex dinners. I didn’t want to compromise on the health or nutrition of my family so over the years, I created a few staple dishes that have become a regular feature in myContinue reading “Creamy Cauliflower Masala”

How I Style My Vintage

Ever since I was able to access my mum’s wardrobe on my own, I knew that I wanted to work with clothing in some capacity. The mental images of the 80’s and 90’s fashion that hung in my mum’s wardrobes would stay with me forever and influence the way I dressed and designed for yearsContinue reading “How I Style My Vintage”

The Myth of Balance

When you enter the world of motherhood, or parenthood in general, you’ll hear the word “balance” being thrown around in conversations a lot. It will be mentioned so much that all you’ll crave is to achieve that very same thing in your new lifestyle that you’re desperately trying to navigate. Before I had my son,Continue reading “The Myth of Balance”